Daniel Johnson's words......

"Jimmy Velvet is a Great man, very special, very humble, a man with great integrity he has been like a father to me and I deeply love him."

'INSIDE THE DREAM' What a truly incredible book this is, a very large and well made book and as you turn each page its just so overwhelming to see the Historic photographs and read the wonderful stories.................Magnificent. 
I was very, very humbled and moved to see on the 'Acknowledgements' page in the book that Jimmy wrote a acknowledgement to me, Jimmy wrote............
'Daniel Johnson who showed me how to look at the glass half full, never half empty and making me realize that at my age great things can still be accomplished.'
On page 13 Jimmy writes in detail about the backstage pass that Elvis signed and gave to Jimmy in 1956 so he could go backstage at anytime during those early performances. You can see the backstage pass in the museum.
On page 79 there is a wonderful photograph of Jimmy sitting in the grounds of Graceland circa 1968. Jimmy is sitting just in front of Elvis' house Graceland and just in front of him are the two cast iron chairs from the three piece settee set. You can see these two chairs in the museum.


Hendersonville's Jimmy Velvet, legendary entertainer and photographer to the stars, has published a new book entitled "Inside the Dream, the Jimmy Velvet Story." The book is a collection of photographs of music and entertainment figures with whom Velvet worked throughout his career that spans nearly six decades.

The large "coffee table book" is a virtual history of rock music as seen through the lens of Velvet's camera. Velvet said, "I was blessed to have worked with about every star you could name and for some unknown reason, I always had my camera." Adding that in the early days of rock ‘n’ roll there was no paparazzi.

Velvet went through more than 5,000 negatives in preparation for "Inside the Dream." The book contains 1,090 pictures of celebrities, including rare early photographs of legends Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis. Velvet has separated his book into decades from the ‘50s through the present. He described his book as "somewhat like a scrapbook" because he has included radio station charts and playbills. Velvet said that "Inside the Dream" provides a unique look into the history of rock and roll and that colleges are requesting copies to use as a teaching resource.

Although most of the celebrities in the book are in music, Hollywood greats like Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope and Natalie Wood are included as well as boxing greats Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano. Velvet says that there are actually 508 stars in his book. An index in the back of "Inside the Dream" has the name, birthplace and birth date of each celebrity.

Velvet was born in Jacksonville, Fla. His high school English teacher was music promoter and songwriter Mae Axton (“Heartbreak Hotel”). In 1955, Velvet pleaded with Axton to get him backstage passes to see the Carter Family perform in Jacksonville, hoping for a chance to meet his idol, June Carter. While waiting backstage, he and a virtually unknown young performer named Elvis Presley struck up a conversation. The two hit it off, and Velvet watched Presley perform that night - a performance that "stole the show." Velvet said, "It was at that moment, I knew I wanted to be an entertainer."

Marty Robbins brought 18-year-old Velvet to Nashville to record. In 1963, his hit, "We Belong Together," went to number one locally. Other local, regional hits include "It's Almost Tomorrow," "Blue Velvet" and "Teen Angel."

Velvet's career has had highs and lows. He says that he's very grateful to God for getting him through the tough times. Today, he says he's never been happier as he awaits the arrival of his son, who is returning from military service in Iraq. Velvet lives in Hendersonville with his wife, Robin. They have 11 children, 19 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Jimmy Velvet looks over his new book, "Inside the Dream, the Jimmy Velvet Story."



18th July 2007

My very close dear friend Jimmy Velvet has a truly magnificent book to be published in August 2007.

This is what he says......


Dear Friends,

From my first meeting with Elvis throughout my career as an entertainer, Inside the Dream is a chronicle of amazing stories. If told without pictures, it would seem to be a fairytale. In my mind I was never a major star; just barely big enough to tour with the best of my day. I was blessed to have worked with just about every star you could name, and for some unknown reason, I always had my camera. In the early days of rock n’ roll we did not have the “paparazzi.”  The news media thought rock n’ roll was a fad. So, I took thousands of photos throughout the years. They sat in boxes until someone offered to buy the negatives to do a book. However, they just did not have the stories to go with the pictures. I bought the negatives back, and Inside the Dream was born.

I found so many great photos while scanning the negatives that I soon realized the importance of the history I had before me. It was over 50 years of all aspects of the entertainment industry which I felt must be shared.  It was then that I decided to issue this first book as a coffee table photo book presenting my collection of unpublished photos.  I hope you enjoy the stories told by the pictures themselves and in the meantime I will continue to write in more detail the stories that go with them to be released in future publications. 

God Bless,
Jimmy Velvet




9"x12" Hardcover

288 Pages

Over 1000 Photos

Quality of pages 100 # gloss-enamel paper


For more details about this wonderful book

e-mail: info@jvelvet.com