Famous CBS Shows, Three important Flight Log Pages for Elvis' Flights on the Lisa Marie.

These three original flight log pages are from Elvis' Captain, Elwood David's flight log book that was auctioned in 1994 "blue book" page 38 lot number 1252.
These original flight log pages from that log book are very important, Two of them associated with Elvis' famous CBS shows.
Elwood David was Elvis Presley's personal pilot from August 1975 until Elvis passed away in 1977. Elvis' plane was a Convair 880 that he christened the 'LISA MARIE.' Elvis customised the inside of the passenger jet and used the plane for travel both on tours and personal jaunts. After Elvis passed away Elwood David stayed with the plane and was the private pilot for the Presley family until Vernon Presley sold it in 1978.
We have a very few of Elvis' original flight log pages and Original maintenance report pages with Letter of Authenticity from Elwood David Elvis' personal pilot, available.
Elvis' Convair 880 known as the "Lisa Marie"
Flight Log Book from the Lisa Marie with the Flight Log pages pictured with Stereo Headphones from the Lisa Marie, this was originally sold in the famous auction 1994 'blue book' auction.
This flight log page June 19th 1977 corresponds to a flight Elvis took from Kansas City to Omaha to Lincoln for his concerts in Omaha and Lincoln on June 19 and 20 1977.
Civic Auditorium, Omaha-RCA and CBS record the show-the special becomes "ELVIS IN CONCERT" this concert is described as one of the poorest ever held by Elvis. he is sluggish and pale from the moment he goes on stage (many suggest he has taken too many downers before the show)
2 legs:
12.20am flight from Kansas City to Omaha, arriving 12:48am.
4:44am flight from Omaha to Lincoln, arriving 5.04am.
This flight log corresponds to a flight Elvis took from Lincoln to Rapid City to Sioux falls for his Concert in Rapid City on June 21, 1977.
June 21 1977 Rapid City, South Dakota, also recorded by RCA and CBS. 10,000 attend. a complete 180 degree change from the Omaha show, Elvis seems to be in very good spirits.
(noted on 22 june 1977) 2 legs
12:49am flight from Lincoln to Rapid City, arriving 1:59am
6;07am flight from Rapid City to Sioux Falls, arriving 7;00am.
Live in concert Rapid City.
This flight log 26 june 1977 corresponds to a flight Elvis took from Cincinnati back home to Memphis after his concert at the Riverfront stadium on june 25,1977.
4:32am flight from Cincinnati to Memphis arriving 5:24am.