Brass Round Hollow Stud from Elvis' Madison Square Garden (Porthole/Eyelet) Jumpsuit

This Brass Round Hollow Stud came from Elvis' famous concert Jumpsuit that he wore on many shows including the Madison Square Garden concert which was one of Elvis major shows.
Jimmy Velvet who owned the World Famous Elvis Presley Museum once owned Elvis Madison Square Garden (Porthole/Eyelet) Jumpsuit and sold it at an auction, Item number 1431 in the red catalog page 68, there is a photo of the Jumpsuit. The Auction was held on October 6 and 7, 1995.
We have a few original copies of this auction "red book" in the Elvis Presley Shop.
At one time Jimmy Velvet owned 11 of Elvis' Jumpsuits.
Comes with an Elvis Presley Museum Certificate of Authenticity hand signed by Jimmy Velvet for the stud.
Brass Round Hollow Stud
Elvis Presley Museum Certificate of Authenticity signed by Jimmy Velvet
Picture of Elvis' Madison Square Garden Jumpsuit  that the Brass Hollow Stud came from
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