Elvis and Baby Lisa Feb 1968 (The Red One) Copyright.

Known amongst collectors as "the red one"
This is one of the most Famous photos of Elvis. Elvis Presley laying with Baby Lisa Marie Presley cheek to cheek in the Hillcrest Home circa Feb 1968, not too long after the birth of baby Lisa Marie. ............... Very, Very Special.
You can see this photograph in one of the frames on the menu of Disc one of the DVD Elvis By The Presley's. 
This photograph was copyrighted in the 1970's, owned by Daniel Johnson. (Just one of a large amount of copyrights owned)
Comes with all official documents of copyright ownership.
(On the negative there is actually more to the picture)
Jimmy Velvet always says that this was his favourite picture of Elvis.
A Very Limited Edition of prints with embossed seal of this photograph are available in the Elvis Presley Shop.
This photograph and image are available for licensing for advertising TV, Film, News, corporate image and editorial purposes.
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