Elvis Presley's olive green velveteen bedspread/Comforter for a double bed from Elvis's Hillcrest Home. It was acquired by the Elvis Presley Museum in September 1980 from the Don B. Auction at the Hollywood Palladium.


It was on display at Jimmy Velvet's world famous Elvis Presley Museum for many years and has been seen by millions of fans.

Comes with  a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Jimmy Velvet  from Jimmy Velvet's Elvis Presley Museum


Also comes with a very long letter (Three pages)  from Larry Geller which he writes about the Bedspread/Comforter and that it came from Elvis's Hillcrest Drive Home in the Trousdale Estates of Southern California.

Larry goes on to write that...............

" Elvis read and studied extensively; he learned the significance of colors and their meaning, and how they affect our lives. It's not by chance that Elvis chose the colors in his life. For example, he was keenly aware that green represents peace and balance. It's the most prevalent color in nature and soothes and comforts us when we are weary. Elvis was keenly aware that the color green according to the esoteric sciences means healing, creativity, fertility, and regeneration; that nature's environment teems with life, adorning herself in robes of lush greenery to emit powerful and magnetic life forces. In reference to the color green and in line with his passion to delve into the inner meaning of words, Elvis would say "The word forest means for-rest, the forest is mainly green, and we need green around us to help us get back to nature."

Comes with other paperwork.



Elvis Presley's Bedspread/Comforter.

Beautiful material with tassels along the edges.






Elvis Presley Museum Certificate of Authenticity signed by Jimmy Velvet.
1980 the Don B Auction catalogue. The Elvis Presley shop has now sold out of this original catalog  of this auction, but still have a few original catalogue' of the "blue and red" books in the Elvis Presley Shop.