Elvis and Priscilla's Bedroom Nightstands, Graceland/Hillcrest

A pair of Elvis and Priscilla's Nightstands. These Nightstands are from Elvis and Priscilla's bedroom in there Hillcrest Home in Beverly Hills California.
These were purchased by Jimmy Velvets World famous Elvis Presley Museum at the Don B Auction where Elvis and Priscilla's home contents were auctioned in september 1980. The auction was actually located at the Hollywood Palladium which is located in California.
These two bedside cabinets were auctioned by Fleetwood Owen, associated with Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac.
The auction took place in Las Vegas at Bally's Hotel on Saturday 16th June 2001.
The auction was titled, Elvis that's the way it was.
The description on page 66 of the catalogue, reads as follows...................
A pair of bedside cabinets from Graceland
Two cream and gold painted wooden, three drawer, bedside cabinets with scrolled legs, from Elvis' Memphis home Graceland (2)
Each measures approx 27 x 26 x 16 inch
This lot was previously on display at the Elvis Presley Museum
There is a photograph on page 63 and page 9 of the auction catalogue.
These two nightstands originally came from Graceland before they went to Elvis' Hillcrest home.
These were on display for many years at Jimmy Velvets world famous Elvis Presley Museum.
Also additional paperwork for this item.
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity from the Elvis Presley Museum signed by Jimmy Velvet.
This plaque is the one that was used in Jimmy Velvets Elvis Presley Museum for the pair of Nightstands
1980 Don B Smith auction catalogue.
2001 Fleetwood Owen auction catalogue signed by Mick Fleetwood.
I also own another set of there nightstands.